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Lyrics and music by Niru Kajitsu
Vocals by flower

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yokoshima matou shuujin FAMU FATAARU
uzou muzou shibori Juice o aoru
yonayona yo na hiasobi de ishi suru
joji no rou ga tokeru koro

Lyrics from
A femme fatale prisoner dressed in stripes
Gulps down the juice squeezed from the crowd
Every night, drunkenly, she plays with fire, and hangs herself
When the wax figure of a little girl melts

Lyrics from
iwakan ga zangyou shite iru
kuukuu ga jakujaku shite iru
tantan to sa koube tareta sue ni
hai ronpa tte
kenkon itteki SARENDAA
orikou rigou rikoteki ni
POJI yori NEGA o tarasu

Lyrics from
My discomfort is working overtime
The emptiness is lonely[1]
A refutation that comes dispassionately
After I've hung my head
Is an all-or-nothing surrender
A well-behaved meeting and parting, selfishly
Cajoling a negative out of a positive

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uwattsura na ai o ai to yobennara
ikansen boku wa FUURU mitai
"hanashitai koto mo nai" tte iu kara
soko de goshin da to kidzuita no
uwattsura na kimi o koutei shitannara
boku no tatsu se to wa doko e yara
jirettai hari to FANDEESHON
shita o sarakedashite sa marude inu

Lyrics from
If this shallow love is what you call love
Unfortunately, like a fool,
I realized I'd been acting out of self-preservation
Only after saying "I don't even want to talk to you"
If you affirm your shallowness
Then where's my ground to stand on?
An annoying glass and foundation
Hang your tongue out, just like a dog

Lyrics from
yokoshima matou shuujin FAMU FATAARU
uzou muzou shibori Deuce o aoru
you na yonayona hiasobi de ishi SURUU
jouji no rou ga tokeru koro

Lyrics from
A femme fatale of the public, dressed in wickedness
Seems to fan the flames of the deuce squeezed out of the crowd
As nightly she plays with fire, ignoring intent
When released from the prison of this love affair

Lyrics from
jishou tenbin wa otsumu ga karui hou ni gunbai o ageta
DEKYANTA ni utsushita teido ni shika omotte'nai
fuseki o ikezuishi no you ni oita baka

Lyrics from
On the scales of self-proclamation, my head was lighter; the military cup was raised
I can only think to the extent that it's been transferred to the decanter
When arranging my pieces, I placed my stupidity like a guardrail[2]

Lyrics from
uwattsura na ai o ai to yobennara
ikansen boku wa FUURU mitai
"hanashitai wake ga nai" tte iu kedo
kidzukanai WAKE mo nai n'da yo na
uwattsura na boku no sonzai riyuu wa sa
oatsuraemuki na airo nie
BURANDEE hada de sutta nara
shidoro mo doro ni natte jararete

Lyrics from
If this shallow love is what you call love
Unfortunately, like a fool,
I said "It's not like I want to let you go"
Though it also wasn't like I hadn't noticed
My shallow self's raison d'etre
Is the sacrifice of a perfect narrow path
If you'd drunk brandy off my skin
I would get flustered and be laughed at

Lyrics from
uwattsura na ai o ai to yobennara
ikansen boku wa FUURU mitai
"hanasenai koto mo nai" tte iu kara
soko de goshin da to kidzuita no
uwattsura na ai o ai to yobennara
ikansen boku ga HIIRU mitai
owakare no KISU mo nanbaime
yokoshima misukasarete marude inu

Lyrics from
If this shallow love is what you call love
Unfortunately, like a fool,
I realized I'd misjudged the situation
Only after saying "It's not that I <em>can't</em> talk to you"
If this shallow love is what you call love
Unfortunately, like a heel,
I'd kiss you goodbye countless times
See through my wickedness, just like a dog

Lyrics from
marude inu sa

Lyrics from
Just like a dog

[1] "Kuukuu jakujaku" is a Japanese translation of the Buddhist saying generally rendered in English as "All is void." This refers to the concept of Sunyata. This line is structured differently grammatically, so I've translated it literally, but the target audience is probably intended to catch the reference.

[2] An ikezuishi (literally a "can't-go stone") is a stone placed on a street corner to prevent cars from getting too close to a building. Fuseki, which refers to strategically arranging game pieces in Go or more figuratively to making preparations of any kind, literally means "placing stones."

Translated and transliterated by EJTranslations

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