Antithese Kisama (Album Version)
Antihesis Asshole

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Album / Collection: Saiaku
Track # 13

Music and lyrics by syudou
Vocals by Hatsune Miku

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tsuukin kaisoku mofuku no bonpu de ippai desu
yuiitsusei o sutereru no mo mata sainou desu
gizen ni karare warikomaseta no ga shippai desu
hiroi senaka o keriotoserya mou saikou desu

Lyrics from
The commuter express is full of normal people in mourning dress
The ability to discard your only identity is still a talent
Driven by hypocrisy, to be interrupted is a failure
It's the best to kick down the person whose back is a wide target

Lyrics from
yonbansen HOOMU Yamanote uchimawari
kiiroi sen o sagannai to shitai ni nacchau

Lyrics from
Platform number four, the Yamanote inner loop
If you don't step back from the yellow line you're gonna become a corpse

Lyrics from
maikai maikai hontou omotten'dakedo
ANTA tte hontou ni iya na yatsu ne
ANTA no goikan kachikan juusaiji miman
"anata no tame o omoi hitokoto chuukoku" nanza
urusee urusee shiranee yo

Lyrics from
Honestly I've been thinking this every single time:
I really freaking hate you
Your vocabulary and value system are worse than a ten-year-old kid's
You're like, "Let me give you a word of advice, for your own good"
Shut up, shut up, you don't know shit

Lyrics from
kamen o tsukete ike shaashaa to settei desu
sosoida BIIRU atama kara kakete mekkin shitee
mikon no HAGE ga josei keishi to wa kettai desu
RORIITA hime KATTO aisenee yatsu wa zen'in shine

Lyrics from
Wearing a mask, you shamelessly wine and dine
Just pour some beer over your head to sterilize yourself
It's ridiculous for some bald guy who's never been married to look down on women
Anyone who hates lolita fashion and princess cuts can just fucking die

Lyrics from
getsu ka sui moku kin fuhin na yakumawari
jisonshin o mamonnai to kikai ni nacchau

Lyrics from
From Monday through Friday you play a pathetic role
If you don't keep your self-respect you'll become an automaton

Lyrics from
maikai maikai hontou omotten dakedo
ANTA tte hontou ni tadatada KASU ne
onna wa KUSO da no doukou iu kedo you wa
MOTEnai dake dashi kahanshin wa bakki shiten'da
kitanee kitanee chikadzukuna

Lyrics from
Honestly I've been thinking this every single time:
You really are utter fucking garbage
You claim to think women are worthless, but what that's all about
Is just that women won't date you and putting them down makes your dick hard
You're disgusting, you're disgusting, stay away

Lyrics from
anata ga ano hibi de korae mamorinuita
hinan sarete hikan sareta ningensei ya jinseikan
sono WAIN to PAN wa chi to nari niku to nari
yaku ni tatanai to omoe igai ni tacchau

Lyrics from
You endured those days, holding onto[1]
A humanity and view of life that were criticized and viewed with pessimism
This wine and bread are my blood and flesh
I thought it wouldn't be useful, but it turned out to be more so than I expected

Lyrics from
maikai maikai hontou omotten dakedo
ANTA tte hontou ni baka baka baka baka

Lyrics from
Honestly I've been thinking this every single time:
You really are stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid

Lyrics from
maikai maikai hontou wa wakatten dakedo
ore datte hontou ni iya na yatsu sa
ikkyokume no INTORO kara koko ni itaru made
kane totte made kikasu you na mon ja nee na
urusee urusee shiranee yo

Lyrics from
Honestly I've known this the whole time:
I really freaking hate myself
From the intro to my very first song up to now,
I haven't gotten enough listeners to make money
Shut up, shut up, I don't know anything

Lyrics from
sore de wa o-ato ga yoroshikute[2]

Lyrics from
Well, then, that's all, folks

The original version of this song, as posted on NicoNico and YouTube, has completely different lyrics.

[1] Since the singer here uses "anata" and not the "anta" they've been using for the person they hate, I tend to assume they're talking to a different "you" in this line.

[2] "O-ato de yoroshikute" is the traditional closing line of a performance of rakugo, a traditional Japanese performing art whose practitioners tell humorous stories, with an emphasis on doing different funny voices for each character.

Translated and transliterated by EJTranslations

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