Forever dream... -Korekara mo Zutto-
Forever dream... -From Now and Always-

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Rin & Len

lyrics: Honoka Fuyuki (Sakura Momiji)
music: SumaP
arrangement: SumaP, Honoka Fuyuki & Ann-Melts-P
Vocaloid tuning: Ann-Melts-P
video art: Shikino
video: Parabo
vocals: Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len (English subs)

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
'heiki' to iikikaseteta
uso o hitotsu nonde mite mo
afureru omoi wa namida ni natte
mō, mō ...
tomaranai n da

Lyrics from
Even if I try swallowing the lie
when I said 'I'm OK',
my flood of emotions are turning into tears
that won't, won't
stop anymore ...

Lyrics from
tomoni sugosu koto atarimae ni
nē itsu kara ka na?

Lyrics from
Hey, for how long has it felt normal
to spend time together?

Lyrics from
betsu ni itsu datte
ii ja nai ka
ima, shiawase nara

Lyrics from
It doesn't matter much,
does it,
if we're happy now.

Lyrics from
watashi ga / omae ga
saki ni iku nante
'iku na' tte kotoba sae
imi o nakushiteta

Lyrics from
Me / you
leaving this world first,
even the words 'don't go'
have lost their meaning.

Lyrics from
tsunaida te no nukumori ga
koko ni nokotte hanarenai

odoroku dakishimeta toki no kao mo
zenbu, zenbu,
yakitsuite iru

Lyrics from
The warmth of your hand in mine
remains here and doesn't go away.

The surprise on your face when we hugged,
all of it, all of it,
is etched in my memory.

Lyrics from
dōshite hanarebanare
omoide to

Lyrics from
Why do we go our separate ways,
slipping away
along with our memories?

Lyrics from
warui yume naraba hayaku samete
mata kurikaeshite

Lyrics from
When I have a bad dream, I wake up early,
and then do it over again ...

Lyrics from
konna genjitsu wa tsurasugiru ne
ima ai ni yuku yo

Lyrics from
Such a reality is too painful, isn't it.
I'm coming to see you right now.

Lyrics from
mō aenai to
oshimu kimochi ga
yume de genjitsu ni

Lyrics from
If I can't see you anymore
the loss
and regret I feel
will one day
turn into a reality in my dreams.

Lyrics from
mujaki ni warau
nanigenai furi
hontō wa ...

'baka da nā'
kitai shite hikimodosare
nando. nando.
namida nagashita

Lyrics from
'I kept you waiting'
I laugh casually,
pretending it's all right.
The truth is ...

'How silly!'
hoping that you'd be brought back ...
Many times. Many times.
I shed tears.

Lyrics from
fushigi na jikū no naka
nami no yō ni yurareteru

Lyrics from
Amidst the wonders of time and space
I'm being rocked like waves.

Lyrics from
honto wa fukuzatsu datta
dakedo waratte hoshii kara

me no mae kawaranai sono sugata de
sotto sotto
hohoende kureta

Lyrics from
Truth is, it was complicated.
However, I want you to smile.

So before my eyes, unchanging as you are,
softly, softly,
you smiled for me.

Lyrics from
fureta kakegae no nai
tagai ni totte taisetsu na
sono toki
itoshigoe de
yume kara
samete, ki ga tsuku.

Lyrics from
The irreplaceable time when we touched,
dear to both of us,
for that time,
'Thank you'
you say with your dearest voice,
and I awake
from my dream and realize.

Lyrics from
yume de mo mata deaeta
namidagoe de

Lyrics from
I met you again, even though it was a dream.
With a tearful voice,
'Thank you.'

Translated and transliterated by Raichu

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