Kimi ga Suki
I Like You

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Rin & Len

lyrics & music: Fate
art: an
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Kiite, watashi no kawaii
otome no koi no yume o kanaete
Datte, taisetsu na koto wa
otoko no ko ga iu beki yo

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Listen, grant my dream of
a cute maiden's love,
because boys ought to say
cherishing things.

Lyrics from
(Kimi wa) kawaiku natta shi
(totemo) kirei ni mo natta
Zutto soba de mite ita kara
dare yori mo kizuite'ru

Lyrics from
(You)'ve gotten cute,
and (very) pretty too.
I've been next to you watching you for so long,
so I've noticed it more than anyone else.

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Surechigai bakari no
koi no meiro no naka
kimi e no jumon tonaetara
tobira o akete yo

Lyrics from
Within the maze of a love that consists
of nothing more than passing each other by,
if I chant a spell on you,
open the gate.

Lyrics from
Sunao ni narenai n da
Yūki ga tarinai yo
Sotto sasayaku kurai nara
sugu ni dekiru no ni ne

Lyrics from
I can't be upfront about my feelings.
I don't have enough courage, even though,
if I could as much as whisper it quietly,
it would happen straight away.

Lyrics from
Itsumo, issho ni iru no ni
watashitachi wa kenka bakari da ne
Ano ne, hontō wa anata to
te o tsunaidari shitai no

Lyrics from
Although we're always together,
we're always squabbling.
You know, the truth is, I want to
be holding hands with you.

Lyrics from
(Kimi ga) koibito da nante
(totemo) terekusai keredo
osanai koro kara omotte ita
Yōyaku uchiakeru yo

Lyrics from
To say (you)'re my lover
is (very) awkward, but
I've been thinking it since I was little.
I'll finally confess it to you.

Lyrics from
Todoketai kimochi o
yozora ni tsubuyaita
Sora ni tokete yuku kotoba o
ima sugu tsutaetai

Lyrics from
The feelings I want to reach you
I muttered into the night sky.
The words that are melting into the sky,
I want to convey them right now.

Lyrics from
Ashita hareta no nara
kimi ni ai ni yukō
Saikō no amai egao mite
omoi ga afureta

Lyrics from
If the weather's good tomorrow,
I'll come to see you.
I saw the best, sweet smile
and my feelings overflowed.

Lyrics from
Akai ito no saki wa
kimi ni musubarete'ru
Ōgesa ka mo shirenai keredo
sō shinjite ita

Lyrics from
The end of the red thread (1)
is tied to you.
It might be an exaggeration, but
I believed that.

Lyrics from
Kono koi o shita no wa
unmei no itazura
Futari ga deaeta kiseki ni
kami-sama arigatō

Lyrics from
Us falling in love like this
was fate playing a trick on us.
For the miracle of meeting one another,
thank you, God.

Lyrics from

Ichido shika iwanai kara
yoku kiite?
Kimi ga suki

Lyrics from
since I'll say it only once,
listen up ...
I like you. (2)

(1) In eastern legend, an invisible red thread is said to tie destined soulmates. (2) Translation of whisper at end of song by BerrySubs.

Translated and transliterated by Raichu

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