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Kusogee Jikkyou Purei
The Worst Game Ever - Gameplay Commentary

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Album / Collection: Hatsune Miku

Lyrics and Music by Onyuu-P
Vocals by Hatsune Miku
Nico Video:

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
doumo minasan konnichiwa
kyou wa kono kusogee wo
purei shitai to omoimasu node
yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Lyrics from
Hello everyone.
I'm going to try playing through
the worst game ever so,
Hope you enjoy.

Lyrics from
mazu wa hajimari no machi de  soubi demo soroemashouka
demo bukka ga takasugite  kaimono sae mamanaranai

Lyrics from
Let's start off with getting some equipment in the first town!
Wait, the prices are too high. I can't buy anything...

Lyrics from
kane wo kasegu tame  teki to ENKAUNTO surya
tairyoku ga nasasugite  ippatsu kuraeba soku TIUNTIUN [1]

Lyrics from
And when I go fight some monsters to earn money
My Strength is too low, and if I get hit once it's Game Over [1]

Lyrics from
SHISUTEMU ga kuso shiyou de
zakoteki sae taosenu kedo
ozokezuite nigeru dake ja

Lyrics from
This has gotta be the worst system ever
I can't even beat the small fries
But if I let them scare me and run away
I can't go on

Lyrics from
hito ni hanashi wo kikou to  ikiyouyou to chikazuitara
minna jibun wo yokete  hanashi nante kikeyashinai

Lyrics from
When I proudly stroll up to people to hear what they have to say,
Everyone avoids me, so I can't even ask them anything

Lyrics from
IBENTO oosugite
FURAGU kaishuu MISUtte
tsugi no SHIIN ikezu ni
joban de hayaku mo tsunda tsunda

Lyrics from
There're too many events
And if you miss any flags
Then you can't move onto the next scene
And you're already screwed from the beginning

Lyrics from
SHINARIO mo kuso shiyou de
choutenkai bakari dakedo
odoroite tachitomattecha

Lyrics from
These scenarios suck too
Every new development is a big one
But if I get surprised and stop
I can't go on

Lyrics from
aa mou tsukareta naa
demo, sasayakana okane mo
kudaranai AITEMU mo
boudaina purei jikan mo
nakushite shimau kedo

Lyrics from
Ugh, I'm so tired
Maybe I should just hit reset
But, then I would lose
This tiny bit of money
And these stupid items
And all that play time...

Lyrics from
yami no naka de "tsurainda" to jikkyou purei shiterunda yo
boku no koe wo kiite okure

Lyrics from
Listen to my voice as I say, "This is horrible,"
Playing this game in the dark

Lyrics from
kono SEKAI wa kuso shiyou de
utsu IBENTO bakari dakedo
hekotarete uzukumattecha

Lyrics from
In this crappy world
There are only sad events
But if I lose heart and fall apart
I can't go on

Lyrics from
boku no hibi wa kuso shiyou de
omoidoori ni ikanai kedo
HAPPII ENDO mukaeru made

Lyrics from
My days are full of crap
and nothing goes as planned
But I'll keep going,
Until I reach the happily ever after

Lyrics from
doushite konna geemu ni maji ni natteirun daro?
maa ii, ashita mo ganbarimasu ka
yoroshiku onegai itashimasu

Lyrics from
Why am I taking this stupid game so seriously?
Whatever, guess I'll try again tomorrow
I'll see you all then

This song/video is a parody of gameplay videos people post online. It also pokes fun at cheap, poorly made RPGs.

[1] "tiun tiun" is the sound effect that plays in the Megaman games when you run out of life.

Translated and transliterated by ArtemisA

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