WOORII o Sagasanaide
Don't Look For Wally (Waldo)

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Album / Collection: Hatsune Miku

Lyrics/Music: MAIN-P (Mine-P)

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(keikoku: shinzou no yowai kata wa kakugo o kimete kudasai)
(chuui: shinzou no yowai o-tomodachi wa akaruku shite hanarete mite ne)
(kowai ka mo yo  shiranai kara ne  chuui shita kara ne)

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(Warning: Those who are the faint of heart, please prepare yourselves.)
(Caution: Friends who have a weak heart, turn on the light and watch from a distance.)
(This video might be scary. I don't know what's gonna happen. You have been warned.)

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kimi wa itsumo aruite'ru  moji no afurete'ru sekai no naka
hima o tsubushita tsumori daro?  tsubushite iru no wa kimi no inochi sa...

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You have been constantly strolling in a world where words and information overflow.
Think you were only killing your free time? What you are killing, is your own life...

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boku wa iya de mo aruite'ru  hito no afurete'ru sekai no naka
dare o mitsuketa tsumori dai?  mitsumete iru no wa bokura na no ni sa...

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I have been constantly walking, against my own will, in a world full of people.
Think you found someone? Actually, we are the ones watching you this whole time...

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kimi wa hon no koukishin de  boku o sagashite iru n daro?
koukai sasete ageru  ima koso fukushuu no toki da...

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You are looking for me out of sheer curiosity, aren't you?
I shall make you regret your action. It's time now for me to take revenge...

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nagai kyori sae musubitsuke  bokura wa deatta
bishuu no nuno o hikihagashi  bokura fureatta
tabuu no mon o kojiakete  kimi wa fumikonda
kore wa sono batsu sa  chigau?  chigau!

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Though separated afar, we somehow came across each other.
Peeling away our outer coverings, our skin came into contact.
You pried open the tabooed gate, and stepped into the forbidden territory.
This is punishment for your foolish act. No? No!

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(keikoku: kore yori saki o mite wa ikenai)
(keikoku: kuru kara mite wa ikenai)
(chuui: kuru kara mite wa ikenai)
(chuui: kuru kara nigete)
(chuui: nigete  hayaku)
(chuui: yabai  nigete  hayaku)
("ushi no kubi"[1]  "aaaa"[2]  "GETEMONO KICCHIN"[3])
(chuui: yabai  yabai zo  hayaku)
("jukai no otoshimono"[4]  "kunekune"[5]  "ASUTEKA no saidan"[6]  "GURIIN neesan"[7])
("akai heya"[8]  "kubinashi niwatori MAIKU"[9]  "shokutaku no o-niku ga dekiru made"[10])
(kensaku shite wa ikenai)
(Don't Search Me.)
(kunshi ayauki ni chikayorazu)
(Terrible Days)
(kensaku shite wa ikenai kotoba)
(yabai zo  kuru zo  chuui)
(chuui  chuui  chuui  chuui)

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
(Warning: You must not watch beyond this point.)
(Warning: It's coming, so you must not watch.)
(Caution: It's coming, so you must not watch.)
(Caution: It's coming, so run!)
(Caution: Run! Hurry!)
(Caution: This is serious! Run! Hurry!)
("Cow Head"[1], "Aaaa"[2], "Revoltingly Exotic Kitchen"[3])
(Caution: This is serious! Seriously serious! Quick, run!)
("Forest's Lost Articles"[4], "Kunekune"[5], "Aztec Altar"[6], "Green Ladies"[7]...)
("Red Room"[8], "Mike the Headless Chicken"[9], "How Meat Winds Up On Your Table"[10]...)
(You must not search those phrases.)
(Don't Search Me.)
(Do not search.)
(A wise man keeps himself away from danger.)
(Terrible Days...)
(Those are words which you must not search.)
(This is bad. It's coming. Caution!)
(Caution! Caution! Caution! Caution!)

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
tatta ichido kurikku shite  subete sagaseru tsumori daro?
kore ga bokura no fukushuu  nan de mo shitte'ru muchi na kimitachi e no
"sagasuna yo" to iwareta kara  boku o sagashite mita n daro?
koukai shitaro?  honto ni...  dakara...  boku o sagasanaide[11]!

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
You must think you can search all of them with just one simple click, huh?
This is our revenge, on you the ignorant bunch who know too much.
You tried to find me precisely because you had been explicitly told not to, didn't you?
Do you regret your action now? Really... Then... Don't look for me[11]!

[1] "Ushi no Kubi" ("Cow Head") is a Japanese urban legend, according to which there is a story so scary that it will leave its listeners trembling nonstop and then die within 3 days. However, it's only an urban legend since there does not even exist a text version of the story whatsoever.
[2] "Aaaa", for some weird reason, is a term one should not search in Japanese because only meaningless, pornographic, or trolling results will likely turn up.
[3] "GETEMONO KICCHIN" (Revolting Kitchen) refers to a very specific subcategory of acquired taste, usually involving the consumption of worms or other similar animals.
[4] "Jukai no Otoshimono" ("Forest's Lost Articles") is another name for The Aokigahara Sea of Trees, a popular place for suicides in Japan.
[5] "Kunekune" is another popularized urban legend. Supposedly, a creature, nicknamed "Kunekune", is so mysterious and unidentifiable that its viewers will be driven to insanity trying to figure out its true identity.
[6] "Aztec Altar" refers to a group of spirit photos, on all of which an altar-shaped shadow appears. Apparently, those who have seen the photos will be cursed.
[7] "GURIIN Neesan" ("Green Ladies") are photos of green decomposing female corpses. They are green probably either from the mold or because they have died of poisoning.
[8] "Akai Heya" ("Red Room") refers to this specific Japanese flash animation.
[9] "Mike the Headless Chicken" refers to this creature.
[10] "Shokutaku no o-niku ga dekiru made" ("How Meat Winds Up On Your Table") is a website launched by some Japanese vegans who aim to use grotesque pictures of animal slaughtering processes to discourage people from consuming meat.
[11] Last but not least, "Don't Look For Wally (Waldo)" is a group of scare flash games. Of course, Wally (Waldo) isn't actually in the picture to be found; as the searcher is concentrating, a shockingly scary picture will suddenly jump out and scare the victim.

Translated and transliterated by animeyay

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