Re_birthday ~Zenmaijikake no Komoriuta 3~
Re_birthday ~The Clockwork Lullaby 3~

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Len

Sung by: Len Kagamine
Lyrics & composition by: mothy

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Lyrics from
Mezameta toki boku wa hitori
Kuroku nuritsubusareta heya
Nani mo miezu nani mo kikoezu
Hitori furueru yami no naka

Lyrics from
When I awoke, I was alone
in a room awash with black
Unable to see, nor hear a thing
I was left trembling in the darkness

Lyrics from
Tenjou ni wa ookina ana
Yoku mireba soko ni wa kyodai na zenmai
Sono saki kara totsujo hibiku
Etai no shirenu bukimi na koe

Lyrics from
There was a large opening in the ceiling
Looking closer, there was a sizeable mechanism 
Then all of a sudden, an unnerving, ominous voice
resounded from beyond

Lyrics from
"Tsumibukaki shounen yo
Omae wa kono saki eien ni
Kono heya kara wa derarenu"

Lyrics from
"Sinful boy!
You will spend an eternity here
unable to leave this room,"

Lyrics from
to itta

Lyrics from
it said

Lyrics from
Shunkan omoidashita subete no kioku
Mizukara ga kasaneta tsumi no kazukazu wo
Koko ni iru riyuu to ketsumatsu ni kidzuita
Mou ano koro ni wa modorenai no da to

Lyrics from
In an instant, all of my memories came flooding back 
I realised that the many sins that I committed
are the reason why I've ended up here
There's no way that I can change what has been done

Lyrics from
Kidzukeba ryouude ni hamerareta akai tejou
Sore wa kitto dareka no nagashita chi no iro
Ryou no ashikubi ni wa aoi iro no kusari
Sore wa kitto dareka no namida no iro

Lyrics from
I noticed that both of my hands were in red manacles
Their colour must represent the blood that someone shed
Both ankles held by blue chains
Their colour must be that of someone's tears

Lyrics from
"Rurira rurira" kikoetekita uta wa
Dare ga utau komoriuta darou ka...

Lyrics from
"Lulila lulila" so goes the song that reaches my ears
Who could be singing this lullaby...?

Lyrics from
Dore hodo no toki ga nagareta darou
Ugokanu zenmai ni tazuneta
Doko kara to mo naku kikoetekuru
Utagoe dake ga boku wo iyasu

Lyrics from
I wonder how much time has passed?
I muttered to the motionless gears
It oft comes to me out of nowhere
The singing voice which alone heals me

Lyrics from
Aru hi boku wa kidzuita n da
Sono uta no shinjitsu no imi wo
Soshite boku wa komoriuta ni
Atarashii kotoba wo tsuketashita

Lyrics from
One day, I finally realised 
the true purpose of that song,
and I came to add new words
to the lullaby

Lyrics from
Zenmai no sukima kara
Ochitekita chiisana hikari
Sore wa kitto

Lyrics from
From a gap in the clockwork,
a small light fell
It must be

Lyrics from
--Kimi ga kureta MESSEEJI--

Lyrics from
-- a message you have sent to me --

Lyrics from
Mawarihajimeta zenmai wa shizuka ni kataru
"Tsumi ga keshite yurusareru koto wa nai"
Dakedo mizu to iu kotoba aku to iu kotoba
Bokura wa sorera wo uta e to kaeyou

Lyrics from
The gears that began to turn speak calmly
"Your sins will never be forgiven"
The words "water" and "evil", though,
we shall turn into song

Lyrics from
Akai tejou hazure boku ni katarikakeru
"Kore kara anata wa umarekawaru no yo" to
Aoi ashikase hazure boku ni hanashikakeru
"Kyou ga kimi no atarashii BAASUDEI"

Lyrics from
The red manacles snap open, and I am told
"You are about to be reborn"
Freed from the blue shackles, a voice lets me know
"Today is your new birthday"

Lyrics from
Subete ga mawari soshite shiroku somaru

Lyrics from
All around me is steeped in white

Lyrics from
Mou sugu kimi ni ai ni yuku yo

Lyrics from
I'll be seeing you very soon

I made a decision to translate "zenmai" as either "mechanism" or "gears". Normally, this word would refer to a coil spring within clockwork, but it's very hard to imagine that that is what the lyricist intends the word to mean. Rather, it feels as though "zenmaijikake" was a little too much of a mouthful.

There has been much speculation about this song, though mothy has done little in confirming or denying its meaning.

While it's true that the song bears similarity to "Aku no Meshitsukai" and appears to be an answer song to "Regret Message", it is also connected to the "Clockwork Lullaby" series (as indicated by the song's subtitle) and there is a similarity with the character "Adam" who is found in one of the related books for mothy's works.

"Re_birthday" itself is an event. You can read more about what this means on the series' wikia page.

Translated and transliterated by Hikarin

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