Round Sky

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Album / Collection: MEIKO

music: by Minato
lyrics, Vocaloid tuning, art, video: Yamakaze Momo

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Lyrics from
manten no hoshizora no shita
ten to ten o tsunaideku
toki o koete tsunagatteku
seiza o miru
chiisaku haneta kousagi
futago no ko to orion
kari o suru ryōken-tachi o miokutte

Lyrics from
Beneath the dotted starry sky
I connect one dot to the other.
I look at the constellations
that are connected across time.
My eyes follow the leaping little hare, [1]
the children in the twins, Orion, [2]
and the hounds on the hunt. [3]

Lyrics from
kiritotta hoshizora o
hitasura miokutte
monogatari o tsumuideta

Lyrics from
My eyes ardently followed
the clipped starry sky
and I spun together a story.

Lyrics from
mawatta hoshi-tachi o
kazoete jikan mo wasureru kurai
zutto yume o mite wa
hoshi no kazu o kazoeta
megutta hoshi-tachi wa
nazedaka azayaka ni kirameite
chotto senobi o shite
kawaritsuzukeru sora o miagete iru

Lyrics from
I was so into counting the revolving stars
that I even forgot the passage of time,
and as I kept dreaming
I counted how many stars there were.
The turning stars
somehow twinkle brilliantly,
and I'm stretching up a bit,
looking up at the ever-changing sky.

Lyrics from
donten no hibi o sugosu
shikai wa kumotte ita
toki ga tatte iku hodo ni
mō tobenai hato no hane
nagareru kawa ni Peruseusu
kin no ke no ohitsuji-tachi wa mō inai

Lyrics from
When spending time in cloudy weather
my field of view was clouded.
It happens so often
that time keeps on passing.
The wings of the dove that can't fly anymore, [4]
Perseus and the flowing river, [5]
the ram with its golden fleece are no longer with me. [6]

Lyrics from
kiritotta hoshizora wa
dokoka ni shimatta mama
monogatari wa mō tomatteru

Lyrics from
With the clipped starry sky
shut up somewhere,
the story has now stopped.

Lyrics from
mawatta hoshi-tachi o
kazoeru jikan mo wasureru kurai
zutto hashiritsuzukete
hoshi no kazu o wasureta
megutta hoshi-tachi wa
nazedaka usuku kiete iku kara
chotto tameiki shite
kawaritsuzukeru sora o tōzaketa

Lyrics from
I've been continuing to run all this time
forgetting even the time that I spend
counting the revolving stars,
that I've forgotten how many stars there are.
The turning stars
are somehow fading away,
so I breathed a short sigh
and kept my distance from the ever-changing sky.

Lyrics from
nozokikonda bōenkyō no naka
hoshi wa mae yori kusunde miete ite
ano koro mieteta hazu no hoshizora wa
doko ni kiete shimatta no

Lyrics from
In the telescope I peered through
the stars look dimmer than before
so the starry sky I believed I had been seeing then,
where has it all disappeared to?

Lyrics from
zutto hoshi-tachi wa
onaji basho de bokura o terashiteru
hazu na no ni
kawattenai no ni

Lyrics from
Even though I thought
the stars would have kept shining
down on us at the same place ...
even though they haven't changed ...

Lyrics from
mawatta hoshi-tachi o
miagete boku wa tachidomatteta
zutto senobi o shite
ue o muite ita n da
megutta ashiato o
nozoite miete kita hoshizora de
sotto hoshi o nazori
ano koro ni modotte miru
mawatta hoshi-tachi o
miageta boku wa nani o omoō
chotto chikazuite mo
kawaru koto nai sora o miageyō

Lyrics from
Looking up at the revolving stars,
I've stopped still.
I've kept stretching up
and looking above.
Peeking at the turning footprints,
with the starry sky that has come into view
I'll quietly trace the stars
and try returning to those days.
What shall I think
as I look up at the revolving stars?
Even as I move a little closer,
I'll look up the sky that never changes.

[1] The constellation of Lepus, the hare, is near Orion and Canis Major and Minor.
[2] The constellation of Gemini consists of two twins. Orion is a hunter.
[3] Canis Major and Canis Minor are constellations representing Orion's dogs on the hunt.
[4] The constellation Columba represents a dove.
[5] The Milky Way passes through the constellation of Perseus, an ancient Greek mythical hero.
[6] The constellation of Aries, the Ram, came to represent the ram with the golden fleece in Greek mythology.

Translated and transliterated by Raichu

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