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Toluthin Antenna

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Len

lyrics: Miwasiba
music: lettuce & Giga
video: Miwasiba

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Lyrics from
Chotto ikemen to butsukatta
Shukudai o suru no wasureta
Boku mo maccho ni nareru ka na
Gomibako ni atama butsuketa

Lyrics from
I bumped against a good-looking guy.
I forgot to do my homework.
I wonder if I can become macho too.
I banged my head against a rubbish bin.

Lyrics from
Chiisana tameiki tsuku
Sukippu o shitara koketa
Sakadachi namako rizumu
Kyō wa donna marimo ga tsureru no ka na

Lyrics from
I breathe a small sigh.
When I skipped I fell over.
Headstand, sea cucumber, rhythm.
I wonder what kind of marimo I can catch today. (1)

Lyrics from
Boku no koto o mushi shitara
koi no antena ni turusu zo
Achikochi shisen sorashite mo
suki ga dekichau kara

Lyrics from
If you ignore me
I'll hang you up on my love antenna.
Because even if you avert your gaze,
you'll still end up falling in love.

Lyrics from
Koneko no hige yurashitara
nidoneshita nante nukashioru
Pokke ni tsumeta chokorēto
akubi o shite toketa

Lyrics from
When a kitten shakes its whiskers,
it goes back to sleep, that's what I say. (2)
The chocolate I stuffed into my pocket
yawned and melted.

Lyrics from
Poisute sarete'ta raburetā
Katatsumuri dassō shite'ta
Howaitonoizu kakimawasu
Kagikaketara shimechau zo
Karē no gu wa misoshiru
Ashita wa donna tsukema ga hayaru ka na?

Lyrics from
A love letter tossed as litter.
A snail was escaping.
White noise is disturbing me.
I'll close it once it's been locked.
You make curry using miso soup.
I wonder what kind of false eyelashes will be popular tomorrow? (3)

Lyrics from
Kimi no sono turuturu na
hitomi ni himitsu o oshiete yo
Furafura kage o atsumete mo
nanimo kawaranai desho

Lyrics from
Tell me the secret in the
slippery eye of yours.
Even if I stagger to collect shadows
probably nothing will change.

Lyrics from
Ashiato keshite uwagaki shite
Wantumī de tsutaeru yo
Kasabuta ni hatta nemuke wa
hohoemi kawashi kieta

Lyrics from
Erase footprints and overwrite them.
On 1, 2, 3, I'll tell you.
The drowsiness that formed on my scab
exchanged a smile and disappeared.

Lyrics from
Aiueo-ku made yayuyō-ku mite
boku no hanashi kiite
Suki mo kirai mo dotchi datte
uketomete ageru kara

Lyrics from
H-I-J-K-Look carefully all the u-v-way in (4)
and listen to what I have to say.
Because what I like and what I hate,
I'll accept them both from you.

Lyrics from
Turu tasuka mīa wiru perotīno
Pasuta tabetai churuturutchū
Mayotte ita tte shō ga nai
Kon'ya wa (suki na tabemono) udon ni shiyō

Lyrics from
Tulu, my pocket, Will Perotino. (5)
You (or I) want to eat pasta, You (or I) say-ay-ay. (6)
You're not sure, you say, so it can't be helped.
Let's have (your favourite food) udon tonight.

(1) "marimo" is a type of algae that forms into a green ball. (2) "nukashioru" is a vulgar word for "say". (3) "tsukema" seems to be slang for "tsukematsuge", false eyelashes. (4) This line is merged with sounds from the Japanese alphabet. (5) This line seems to be meaningless in Japanese, but "Tulu" is a language spoken in India, "tasca mia" means "my pocket" in Italian, "Will" sounds like an English first name and "Perotino" sounds like an Italian surname. (6) "say-ay-ay" is a complete guess as to the intent.

Translated and transliterated by Raichu

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