Torio de Baaningu
Burning as a Trio

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Album / Collection: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Hajike Matsuri Vocal Collection
Track # 9

Description: Stage 5 theme song

Lyrics by osamu
Music by happo
Sung by Kenichiro Tanimoto

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Lyrics from
hanage  munage  kaminoke ga
karamiatte ite  miryoku afureru yatsu sa
Let's the baaningu  moukon da ze
Let's the baaningu  moukon da ze

Lyrics from
With our nose hairs, chest hairs, and head hairs
entangled together, we are such charming fellows.
Let's keep burning! We'll still have our hair follicles!
Let's keep burning! We'll still have our hair follicles!

Lyrics from
dobin  chabin  hagechabin
afuro no naka ni wa Risumi to Risuo ga iru ze
mou up in the paradaisu  gamene da ze
mou up in the paradaisu  gamene da ze

Lyrics from
A water pot! A teapot! A huge bald spot!
Inside my afro, Risumi and Risuo reside. [1]
They're already up in the paradise. My glasses!
They're already up in the paradise. My glasses!

Lyrics from
shimiru  shiminaai  shimiru  shiminaai
ore wa shimiru shimiru miru mirumeeku da kedo
kimi wa shiminaai  dakedo  shiminaai
sou sa mattari mataari tokusen no shouyuu
kakete miru ka  shokushite miru ka
demo ichininmae da kara monotarinai ka mo ne
share ni naranai  ponzu dattara oku-san
yappari kyou wa  tokoroten ryouri

Lyrics from
It stings! It doesn't sting! It stings! It doesn't sting!
What stings me is actually the milky milk milmake. [2]
It doesn't sting for you. It doesn't.
How about a specially selected rich-flavored soy sauce?
Shall I pour some onto you? Would you like to try some?
Since you're so grown-up now, there probably isn't enough for you.
I'm not close to kidding! But if you opt for ponzu sauce, [3]
Ma'am, may I suggest a tokoroten dish? [4]

Lyrics from
yatto ore no deban ka  beteran na n da kara
mou ano koro ni wa modorenai
purupuru in the maaketto  otoko da ze
purupuru in the maaketto  otoko da ze

Lyrics from
Is it finally my turn? It's because I'm a veteran;
it's been so long since I last fought.
I'm being my jiggly self in the market! I am a real man!
I'm being my jiggly self in the market! I am a real man!

Lyrics from
nani kore arate no ijime  soretomo risutora
younashi ni nattara  sugu ni poi ka
demo ki ni shinai  dakedo ki ni shinai
datte Don Pacchi da mon  Don Pacchi da mono
kurisumasu datte  chikuwa paatii
miren tappuri ni bataa hikinagara utau ze
sou desu to mo  o-shini nasai
hajike kaidou wa girigiri na n da ze

Lyrics from
What's this? Picking on the newbie? Or market restructuring?
When I become useless, you immediately throw me out?
But I won't let it bother me, not at all.
Why? Because I am Don Patch. I am Don Patch.
It's Christmas, but we're having a chikuwa party! [5]
I'll sing while playing some butter notes affectionately. [6]
But still, would you please die?
The Hajike Street is crowded almost over its capacity.

Lyrics from
Bo-bobo  Don Pacchi  Tennosuke ga
yuugou shiatte'ru  kamahen barehen toransufoomu
only a wan minittsu  maji de da ze
only a wan minittsu  maji de da ze

Lyrics from
Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tennosuke
are fusing together, and transforming without a sweat!
We have just one minute! I'm dead serious!
We have just one minute! I'm dead serious!

[1] Risumi and Risuo are a unstable squirrel couple living in Bo-bobo's afro; "risu" is the Japanese word for "squirrel".

[2] "Milmake", an actual food product marketed by the Oshima food company, is usually added to milk to modify the original milk flavor into other flavors (e.g. chocolate, strawberry, banana) more appealing to young children.

[3] "Ponzu", or pon vinegar, is a citrus-based sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine.

[4] "Tokoroten" is a type of jelly made from agar and usually eaten with soy sauce, vinegar, and/or rice wine.

[5] "Chikuwa" is a tube-shaped snack made from a mixture of ground fish, starch, egg white, and various condiments.

[6] The "butter notes" form the most essential portion, or the climax, of a musical piece. They are referred to as buttery because they are delicious (to the ears).

Translated and transliterated by animeyay

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