Hare Nochi Kumori, Tokidoki Ame
Cloudy After Fair Weather, and Sometimes Rain

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Description: Ending Theme

Written by kala
Composed, Arranged by Mamoru Mori
Performed by Yui Sakakibara

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
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itsumo to kawaranai keshiki
kinou made to chigau futari
minareta shigusa ni sae mo omoi yureru

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In this familiar, unchanging scenery
Were the two of us, who were different people until today
Though we try to act like the usual  our feelings are shaken

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sono egao  te wo nobashite  furetai
ushinau koto  kowai keredo  mou tomeru koto wa dekinai

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I wanna  reach my hand out  and touch your smiling face
Although  I'm scared of losing you  I can't hold back anymore

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
futatsu no kokoro  hibikiai  umareru MERODI wa
itoshikute  sukoshi dake setsunai
futari no kokoro  yukkuri to  kasaneawaseru tabi[1]
mada shiranai kimi wo shitte  motto suki ni, fuan ni nattari
hare nochi kumori dakedo, kawarazu zutto soba ni iru

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The melody  that our two hearts are resonating together
Is so lovely, it aches me just a bit
And when both our hearts  slowly press against each other[1]
I begin to unravel more about you  and love you more  and worry
Though there'll be clouds after the fine weather  I'll still be by your side, always

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itsumo sukoshi senobi wo shite
mayoinagara susunde yuku
yuuhi no shizumu umi no mukou mezashite

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
I'm always growing up, little by little
I'm moving ahead, even when I lose my way
Aiming for the sea over the horizon where the sun sets

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hanarenai, chijimaranai kono KYORI
dare yori mo taisetsu dakara  chika'zukenai  hanashitakunai

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
The distance between us  is never closer, never farther
Because you're the one I hold dear most  I can't come nearer  but I don't wanna let go

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
futatsu no kokoro  yorisotte  kanaderu MERODI wa
itoshikute  sukoshi dake setsunai
futari no kokoro  surechigai  tsuraku samishii yoru ni
omoidasu nami ni toketa  kimi no koe to yasashii amaoto[2]
SHINAMON ga kaoru gogo  kawarazu sotto soba ni ite

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The melody  that our two hearts play when they come together
Is so lovely, it aches me just a bit
And when both our hearts pull apart  (leaving me alone) in tough, lonely nights
I'll remember  the voices of you and the gentle rain  that melt down in waves
On evenings that smell of cinnamon  please still be by my side, gently

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
hareta hi mo  ame ga furu hi mo  issho ni ite kurete
arigatou  suki de ite kurete
futatsu no tsubasa  habatakase  tonde yuku mirai wa
nijiiro ni kagayaiteru  kimi no egao, yasashii utagoe[1]
sumiwataru aoi sora  kawarazu zutto soba ni iru

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
On sunny days  and rainy days
Thank you  for being with me  and loving me 
With your smile  and your soft singing voice  you gave me wings
And the future I'm flying towards with them  is glittering in rainbow colours[2]
In this clear blue sky  I'll still be by your side, always

The title of this song, "Cloudy After Fair Weather, and Sometimes Rain", likens the weather to a relationship; one could start smoothly but will have troubled times ahead.

[1] This is literal; the meaning behind this line is "to agree with", because this exact line in the second chorus depicts the opposite.
[2] 'kimi no egao, yasashii utagoe' were hanging nouns, I rearranged them as poetic license.

Translated and transliterated by AzureDark

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