Ironna Katachi
The Shape of Colours

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Description: Opening

Sung by: Duca
Lyrics: Duca
Composition: Anze Hijiri
Arrangement: Anze Hijiri

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Lyrics from
shiawase no katachi nante
dare mo mina onaji janaikara
jibun de sagasu shika nai nda
nanika te ni iretai mono
tatta hitotsu de mo aru nnara
kitto shiawase

Lyrics from
What is the shape of Happiness? 
No two people are the same, so
happiness is just something you figure out for yourself.
However, out of the many things you want,
if you can only choose one.
Of course, Happiness is the only choice.

Lyrics from
mou kirei goto wa nigatedesa
tsukurou yori sunao ga iiyo
wakaritakunai shinjitsu mo
boku wo kitto hashiraseteiru

Lyrics from
Don't run away from it,
Rather than doing that, it's best to be honest.
However, the truths I don't want to face,
Even I want to run away from it,

Lyrics from
katachi arumono nante
itsumo koware yasuikedo saa
"kizuna" wa uso ga tsukenai mono
katachi naimono koso ga
itoshii tsuna garina no kamonaa
kodou ga sakenda
mune no takanari ichi ho ni kaete
sono te wo tsukamitai

Lyrics from
The 'true' shape of something?
It is under constant flux. However,
"Bonds" are something you can't fake.
It truly has no 'true' form, because of that,
perhaps, this connection might be love.
My heart will start fluttering,
Then fluttering wildly, on taking the first step,
To hold their hand.

Lyrics from
fuman wo hakidashita tte
kekkyoku wa tada setsunai dake
dakara itsumo egao de itai
futashikana monoda to itte
jibun wo gomakashi tsuzukete mo
ashita wa mienai

Lyrics from
Don't vent all your frustrations,
It's rather quite petty.
So, it's better to just keep on smiling, towards
something that's sure to be uncertain.
Even if I continue to fool myself,
I can't know what tomorrow will bring.

Lyrics from
mou utagau no wa nigatedesa
baka wo mite mo sore wa soresa
amakunai genjitsu mo
boku wo kitto tsuyoku saseru

Lyrics from
Don't doubt other people.
Even if you look stupid, that's just how it's going to be.
Facing reality isn't easy, but
It will make me stronger.

Lyrics from
katachi arumono datte
zutto koko ni aru wake janai
"kizuna" wo ima koso taisetsu ni
katachi noimono dakara
itoshii tsuna gari ga umarete
kodou ga sakebuyo
kakegae no nai kono ichi ho wo
kimi to arukitai

Lyrics from
The 'true' shape of something?
It won't continue to exist like that forever. Still,
"Bonds" are meant to be cherished now.
Because of its inconstant Shape, then
Perhaps, love was borne from this connection,
My heart is fluttering,
It's always like that, that is the first step,
I want to walk with you.

Lyrics from
katachiarumono dake ni
kokoro toraware teitakunai
"kizuna" wa mienai monodakara
katachinaimono koso ga
itoshii tsuna gari nan datte
kodou ga sakenda
mune no takanari ichi ho ni kaete
kimi ni ai ni iku

Lyrics from
Currently, 'this' is the Shape it takes,
I don't want to miss this opportunity,
"Bonds" aren't something that is seen,
Because it has no 'true' form,
This might be love after all,
My heart will, again, start fluttering,
Then wildly fluttering, on taking another step,
I want to see you right now.

Shiawase means Happiness in most contexts. I've interpreted this song from a perspective of someone trying to rationalize and condensing love into a definite 'shape' but completely failing. A dichotomy between what it 'is' and what is felt. This eventually leads to an acceptance of the changes, emotions and uncertainty of what happens when one falls in love. This was pretty difficult since I wanted to translate it according to the song composition.

Translated and transliterated by hamizanz

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