Mahiru ga Yuki
Mid-Day's Snow

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Album / Collection: Shounen Alice
Track # 5

Lyrics: Hiroshi Ichikura
Composition/Arrangement: Kanno Youko
Vocals: Sakamoto Maaya

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Anata no koto wo omou to
Hon no sukoshi mune ga itamu no ha
Mada moekasu ga kokoro no
Soko no atari ni nokotte iru kara

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Whenever I think about you 
the slightest of aches that I feel within my chest 
is only due of the burning remmants 
that are remaining at the bottom of my heart(1)

Lyrics from
Minareta michibata ni
Tokewasurete hikaru yuki
Ichinichi ga, hitotsuki ga, ichinen ga sugite,
Mata nagarete yuku kedo

Lyrics from
By the roadside that I have become used to seeing
Lies the glittering snow that has forgotten to melt away
A day, a month, a year passes
Again, time flows away, however...

Lyrics from
Anata ga soko ni iru dake de,
Totemo yasashiku nareta no
Anata no ude ha atataka de,
Totemo shizuka ni nareta no

Lyrics from
With you just being there
I had been able to become gentle and affectionate
Your arms are so enchantingly warm
I had been able to be calmed and be at peace

Lyrics from
Fuyu kara haru he to mukau
Hareta gogo ni hanabira ga odoru
Isshun de kieru tame ni furu
Hakanai yuki no you na omoide

Lyrics from
From winter we turn to spring 
In the sunshine afternoon that was once dark, the fireworks danced
For that fleeting moment of brilliance that vanishes as suddenly as it appears, they fall
These memories are like the transient snow

Lyrics from
Futari de iru koto ga atarimae datta hibi ga
Omou yori tokubetsu na kisetsu dattanda to
Ato ni natte ki ga tsuku

Lyrics from
Those days in which it had been only obviously natural for us two to be together as a pair,
Were more special than I thought them to be
And I only realised this after it became a thing of the past

Lyrics from
Koko ni anata ga iru nara,
Waraou to shite naku darou
Moshi mo anata ni deaete mo
Tooku kara sotto miokurou

Lyrics from
If you were here
I think I would want to smile, but I'd most probably cry
Supposing if I were able to meet you once again
I think I would see you off on your way, gently from afar...

Lyrics from
Ano koro to ima no aida ni, mienai kiretsu ga aru kara
Mada hitori de ha watarenai

Lyrics from
In the time between now and then, the unseen cracks between us stil exist
I still can't overcome them on my own

Lyrics from
Anata ga soko ni iru dake de...
Anata no ude ha atataka de,
Totemo yasashiku nareta no
Tenohira kara tobitatteku
Omoide wo ima miokurou

Lyrics from
With you just being there,
Your arms are so enchantingly warm
I had been able to become gentle and affectionate
From the palm of my hand 
I shall wave farewell to these memories...

(1) -kara is used by her in the original lines to give the listener the feeling that this is the only reason that she's hurting, although we know it is most likely just one of many possible reasons. This implies she is most probably trying to hide her feelings, or maybe she's being subtle about them.

Transliterated by wind-tunnel

Translated by Cat, Really. Or Tuck Weng.

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