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Inori no Hate no Hitofuri no
A Single Shower at the End of Prayer

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Album / Collection: Turaida
Track # 10

Lyrics by Isogai Yoshie
Music and vocals by Shikata Akiko

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
hideri no naka   shinabita hana wa
tsubomi no mama   safuu ni yure
mi o shibotte   utau nee-sama
amagoi no uta   nando kiita darou

Lyrics from
The flowers that have withered in the sun
Tremble in the sandy wind, buds never blooming.
I can't say how many times I heard my elder sister
Sing a prayer for rain, straining her body.

Lyrics from
Çok ciddi o dilekler ulaşmamiş,
insanlarin ruhu da solmuş çoküşmüş.

Lyrics from
With our ardent supplications going unheard,
Even the human spirit dried up and went to ruin.

Lyrics from
itatamarezu ni    watashi wa kimeta
kokyou hanare   tabi ni deru to
itsuka kiita   mukashigatari no
amehime-sama o   sagashi ni

Lyrics from
Unable to stand staying there, I decided
To go on a journey far from my hometown
In search of the Rain Princess
Of whom I had once heard in an old tale.

Lyrics from
yaketsuita   taiyou yo
warau nara   waraeba ii
ame no sumu   tooki chi e
douka kono higan   michibiite

Lyrics from
Laugh if you will,
O burning sun!
Please, let this dearly held wish
Lead me to the distant land where the rain dwells.

Lyrics from
Eski efsane der ki.

Lyrics from
Thus goes the ancient tale:

Lyrics from
Titresen sabah sisi ile sarılmış,
zümrüt yeşil rengi kayalığın dibinde,
yağmuru idare eden bir prenses varmiş.

Lyrics from
At the foot of the green mountain
Embraced by the fickle dew
Lives the princess who brings the rain.

Lyrics from
Eski efsanedeki yerden daha ileriye,
kireç vadilerini geçerek giderse.

Lyrics from
If you cross the lime valley
Told of in the ancient tale

Lyrics from
Mutlaka prensesin yanına ulaşacak.
Mutlaka dilekleri gerçekleşecek.

Lyrics from
Surely you will come to the princess's side
And surely she will grant your wish.

Lyrics from
koe wa kare   ashi mo itai   soredemo nao mo susumu

Lyrics from
My voice has dried up and my feet hurt, but even so, I keep going.

Lyrics from
mizu o obita   kuuki no VEERU
tadoritsuita   fushigi na basho
gin no kami ni   shizuku ga tsutau
amehime-sama ni youyaku aeta!

Lyrics from
Through a veil of air tinged with water
I finally arrived at a strange place
And with droplets trickling along her silver hair
The Rain Princess at last stood before me!

Lyrics from
awaremi tatau   jihi no manazashi
saredo mujou naru   kami no kotowari

Lyrics from
Her gaze was filled with great pity and compassion
But the goddess's reason was merciless.

Lyrics from
"toosugiru chi yori kishi wakaki musume yo
kono chikara todokeru no wa muzukashii"

Lyrics from
"O, young maid hailing from a far distant land,
It is difficult for me to send my power so far."

Lyrics from
"soredemo" to   hime wa mai
asatsuyu o tsue ni kae
sashidashite   iimashita
"hitobito no tame   chiisa na megumi o"

Lyrics from
"However," the princess said, dancing
Turning the dew into a staff
And holding it out to me
"For the sake of your people, a small blessing."

Lyrics from
Baston, toprağin içinde akan su damarlarını gösterecek.
Orada yagmur yağmasa bile.
halkın canını ve ruhunu rahatlatacak.

Lyrics from
"This staff can show the paths of the water flowing within the earth.
Even if rain does not fall in this distant land,
At least the people's lives and hearts may be watered."

Lyrics from
yorokobi no suimyaku wa   kono mune ni michimichite
haresugita chi e kaeru
nagai tabiji mo   ku ni wa naranai
ato mou sukoshi   douka matte ite

Lyrics from
The waterways of joy in my heart filled to overflowing,
I make my way back to my too-sunny land.
Though the journey may be long, it will not become a hardship;
Please, wait for me just a little longer!

The parts that aren't Japanese are Turkish (and are glossed in Japanese in the lyrics booklet, which is what this translation is based on).

Translated and transliterated by bluepenguin

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